About Us

Who We Are

iCampus Liberia (iCampus) - is a shared innovation, co-working and community space for organizations and individuals focusing on the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and inclusion in Liberia. It acts as a physical and virtual space for youth-focused ICT and entrepreneurship training; a networking and innovation hub; and a focal point for work with women, minorities and digital change makers.

What We Support

iCampus moves beyond the co-working space model- it is a collective and intentional effort to support the next generation of Liberian change-makers in meaningful ways over the long-term. iCampus was officially launched on July 5, 2018. At iCampus, we support:


through publicly accessible computer labs, online and offline courses and trainings on everything from entrepreneurship and app development to digital journalism to civic participation, and by acting as a hub for visiting practitioners, researchers and experts


through affordable shared workspace, ongoing public events, a safe, accessible location in Monrovia and offline networks and campaigns across Liberia that reach marginalized groups


around issues of entrepreneurship, accountability, governance, technology, through  hands-on mentorship, organizational incubation, communications ca


through ongoing workshops, an active web-portal, efforts to build partnerships between and across government, civil society, business and academia and by acting as the home for a number of ongoing working groups and joint projects


in terms of revenue (desk space rental, membership, and paid training and services) partnerships (with other spaces such as the OpenGov Hub) and the environment (sustainable energy sources and environmentally conscious operations)

Our Partners

iCampus primary co-founding partners include Accountability Lab Liberia and iLab Liberia with support from a variety of partners from across civil society, business and government.

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