UniPod Liberia

UNDP Liberia, Orange Liberia, and iCampus Liberia have partnered with the University of Liberia to develop the shared vision of a space where young people can leverage their skills and creativity for good.

The Liberian UniPod is a unique dedicated space that is designed for innovators, entrepreneurs, and technologists to collaborate and develop sustainable solutions to some of the challenges faced in Liberia. Hosted at the University of Liberia, Fendell Campus, Riverview Complex, the Liberian Unipod aims to attract all types of students and faculty, including women and persons with disabilities, to design, tinker, invent, imagine, make, and prototype innovations to make Liberia a better place.

Liberia faces enormous challenges with respect to the adoption of digital skills development, which, among other factors, undermines the potential of students to innovate and embark on research, experimentation, and creativity that allows them to explore ideas outside the bounds of conventional curricular structures. With limited active, managed spaces available in Liberia, the Liberian UniPod fills a crucial gap by providing a space with access to high-speed internet, skills-building sessions, events, and lectures for youth, students’, innovators, and entrepreneurs to collaborate and solve crucial challenges.

As part of the UNDP’s Timbuktoo initiative, which aims to transform public universities across Africa into centers of innovation, the Liberian Unipod is part of 13 Unipods to be established across Africa. The Unipod will have three major spaces: a design lab, a collab space, and a maker space. These spaces are equipped with electronics, textiles, 3D printing machines, digital computers, and workstations to solve challenges in engineering, the environment, agriculture, and business.

UNDP’s investment in the Liberian UniPod is a testament to its commitment to unlocking the true potential of Liberia’s informal sector and harnessing entrepreneurial energy across the nation.

Join us at the Liberian UniPod as we embark on a journey to shape a brighter future for Liberia and beyond.

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