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Our Partners

See some photos of the space in use.

The USAID Liberia Accountability and Voice Initiative (LAVI) is a USAID funded activity designed to strengthen multi-stakeholder partnerships to advocate for and monitor policy and accountability reforms. LAVI supports coalitions of civil society actors and government partners to collaborate around common policy issues and design evidence-based advocacy campaigns. In support of these activities, LAVI provides technical assistance to its partners via local consulting firms and small business to enhance their organizational and advocacy capacity as well as decrease donor reliance on international capacity development consultants.LAVI prioritizes reflection, gathering feedback, and learning throughout all its activities to ensure the advocacy campaigns it supports are efficient, effective, relevant to the Liberian context, and adaptable.

The LAVI Learning Lab is the central hub for the project’s lessons-learned and data for public use.Accountability Lab, in partnership with iLab, serves as LAVI’s Strategic Learning Partners to aid LAVI and its civil society and government partners in generating, capturing, and sharing lessons-learned to improve advocacy and increase citizens participation in policy reform.As the managers of the LAVI Learning Lab at iCampus, Accountability Lab and iLab help populate the resource library with useful learning and advocacy materials, facilitate learning activities, and offer training opportunities in programmatic learning and inclusive advocacy best practices.

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