USAID Learning Lab ‘CLA Challenge’ rolled out at iCampus

What is iCampus?

Campus is a shared innovation, co-working and community space for organizations focusing on the intersection of technology, accountability and social change in Liberia. It acts as a physical and virtual space for youth-focused ICT and governance training; a networking and innovation hub; and a focal point for elections and open governance work. At iCampus, Liberia’s first innovation space, we have the perfect opportunity to build a learning community in partnership with the support of the USAID Liberia Accountability and Voice Initiative (LAVI).

The iCampus is co-managed and run by Accountability Lab Liberia and iLab Liberia and includes a variety of partners from across civil society, business and government. Accountability Lab Liberia supports a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders in Liberia; iLab Liberia provides access to cutting-edge technology, expert IT assistance and a community leveraging technology for the good of the country.

Our Vision for Change

Building a networking and innovation hub for Liberia’s change makers across multi-sectoral background in the development arena.

What we support

Collaboration Learning and Adaptation (CLA)  Experience

Promoting organizational learning is never easy for civil society organizations in Liberia. Organizations generally prioritize good news over bad news, do not provide the space for experience or lesson sharing and do not always understand what information to collect to truly judge the effectiveness of programs. They are not flexible enough to adapt to feedback in meaningful ways and data collection is often key-person dependent. Read all about how organizations are learning in Liberia in our full  report on organizational learning in Liberia.

The  CLA challenge week organized by USAID Learning Lab was a gainful step forward for the learning team at iCampus as we rolled out key activities that led to growing the membership of our community and engaging them through useful information sharing, peer-learning, collaboration and knowledge and provide capacity support loops. The goal of the exercise is to expand the iCampus learning group and promote information sharing within the space community.. let’s kick start this with a narrative on our  amazing CLA adventure for 2018.

Organizing a Smart Learning Event to Map Potential Members

We first started the CLA  sprint by coming up with a smart  learning event to map new members for the group. Following which a training workshop was organized on effective communication for organizational learning and impact. Using social media platforms and tools we invited interested participants to sign up for the training in a google form synced to an excel spreadsheet. A total amount of 46 participants signed up for the event and 99% of that number attended the training which lasted for three hours at iCampus main event hall. The workshop explored key topics covering best practices  in communications and organizational learning such as effective data management and communications system for organizational learning and impact, understating basic digital marketing tools for online marketing and a group session on developing communications and outreach strategy. In addition to that, we also organized a peer learning session with the USAID LAVI civil society group advocating for change in education sector.

 Adding New Members to Learning Listserv

At the end of the training and peer learning session, we sent out a follow up email  to the participants which included a formal invite requesting membership to the iCampus learning group. We then created a pdf file of the new members and added their information to the learning list in the group. Eventually increasing our membership from 40 subscribers to 102 subscribers. Thanks to  CLA Challenge 2018.

Sharing  New Learning Contents

Knowledge  building is one key practice iCampus employs overtime to promote organizational learning within our network.CLA challenge week was an opportunity to increase our community understanding of  organizational learning best practices; we shared some resources on learning  and other useful topics with the group.



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