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Capacity Development “Kwagei” Post

“Kwagei” is a Kpelle word meaning “We will do it!” This phrase was selected by the USAID LAVI capacity development service providers to demonstrate their commitment to helping Liberian civil society organizations achieve their goals and best meet the needs of their constituents.

The USAID LAVI Service Providers.

The Capacity Development or “Kwagei” Post is a hub where civil society organizations in Liberia can find local service providers that can aid in their institutional development. The local service providers have been carefully selected by the USAID Liberia Accountability and Voice Initiative (LAVI) and can provide training, mentoring, and advisory services to CSOs to improve their operations and advocacy work.

On the Kwagei Post, CSOs will be able to:

Search for providers by capacity development domains
Provide ratings and reviews on quality of service.
Post Expressions of Interest (EOIs) that outline their capacity needs so suppliers can expand their service offerings
By supporting this local market for capacity development, USAID LAVI hopes the Kwagei Post will serve as a sustainable approach for Liberian CSOs to strengthen their organizations and enable them to have maximum impact on behalf of their beneficiaries.

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