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Significant progress has been made in Liberia in the past 10 years to address difficult political, economic and
governance issues. Young Liberians- who now constitute well over 50% of the population- have incredible
energy but often feel disenfranchised and excluded from ideas and opportunities. There are few active,
managed spaces anywhere in the country where youth can come together to collaborate, innovate, access
high-speed internet and develop shared ideas to solve collective challenges. Liberia is now entering into a
critical period of its post-conflict history in which it is essential that young citizens have the skills, tools and
communities they need to leverage change and build the Liberia they would like to live in going forwards.

Accountability Lab Liberia is building a movement of active citizens and responsible leaders across Liberia. We support youth change-makers to develop ideas for integrity in their communities. By enabling people to use information and knowledge to hold those in power to account, we help to unleash positive social and economic change. Accountability Lab Liberia is uniquely placed to play a leading role in changing these dynamics through youth focused, creative accountability efforts. We do this in three ways: Awareness and Engagement CampaignsAccountability Incubator and Eco-system Building.

We also work hard to “walk our talk”. We post all of our revenues and expenses online in real-time so anyone, anywhere can monitor our financials; we conduct  public “quarterly impact calls” so the public can hear about the progress we’re making; and we integrate adaptive learning into everything we do- so we can  constantly learn and improve. Through this, we hope to set an example for other organizations in Liberia and beyond.

iLab Liberia is a non-profit computer lab providing access to cutting-edge technology, expert IT assistance and a community leveraging technology for the good of Liberia. iLab offers free public trainings in contextually relevant ICTs, supports entrepreneurs with the integration of technology into their new start-ups, works closely with the Government of Liberia on Freedom of Information initiatives, and customizes online tools for early warning and response actors. Since opening in  2011, iLab has trained more than 1,000 Liberians and hosted 3,000+ people for events that focus on open source technologies and applications for local use.


The iCampus is a shared innovation, co-working and community space for organizations focusing on the intersection of technology, accountability and social change in Liberia. It acts as a physical and virtual space for youth-focused ICT and governance training; a networking and innovation hub; and a focal point for elections and open governance work. The iCampus supports:

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